MLCN Investment Management Corp.

MLCN Investment Management Corp. (MLCN-IMC) is governed by an independent Board of Directors. The Board ensures corporate governance, strategic planning, and goal setting for the organization, oversees management, and reports to the shareholder.

Management is responsible for achieving the goals and financial targets set out by the Board of Directors. Management is also responsible for reporting financial results, and other important developments regarding the Corporation and its subsidiaries, to the Board.

MLCN-IMC strives for economic self-sufficiency for future generations of Muskeg Lake Cree Nation.

To be a leader in business – committed to employment, economic growth, and positive relationships in order to sustain profitable and proven success.

Latest Developments and News

What we do

MLCN-IMC resides on Canada’s first ever urban commercial reserve residing within city limits. We have 35 acres of land in the Sutherland area of Saskatoon and have several current real estate developments we manage.

The opportunity for new developments is not restricted to indigenous companies or organizations with several non-indigenous developments currently underway.

The possibilities are enormous for all business with attractive tax benefits, business opportunities, a prime location along one of Saskatoon’s busiest streets with excellent access to the University of Saskatchewan, Circle Drive and the City Centre.

Featured Businesses

MLCN-IMC has developed or partnered with several businesses offering a diversified set of services and products.

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